I have bitch face syndrome.

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November 14, 2011 // 9:21 PM
homies > honeys

I got bored of the colour scheme. Stfu, i know it's ugly... I JUST NEEDED A CHANGE. LOL.

None of my favourites are online and i don't have facebook OR twitter so i'm feeling kind of really very lonely right now. All i have is bibian to text but she's is just enjoying her fruit. :( She likes the look of her teeth bleeding cos of eating berries... she won't believe me when i tell her she's craycray.. I just discovered that i can favourite texts and i have the urge to favourite all of Vivian's text cos she's so damn funny. LOL.

I think i might end up finishing my maths homework today. I think you should all be proud of me cos i never finish which is bad. LOL. SO YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. I didn't do the tutor questions i had to do though. Oh well, might as well wing the exam and test my knowledge. HAHAHAHA. 8)

I don't want to do shit in my first assessments but i have a feeling i will. I know this is a bad mindset but am i ever wrong? LMAO. :( I'M SO SCARED FOR MATHS. I DON'T THINK YOU UNDERSTAND. CHRISTIE IS UMBDAY. ASDHFKSDJHFSKHF. Might as well drop down to general and party with them. HAHAHAHA.

Excuse me, Anne Nguyen. I want a special dedication. Simon Banh is unworthy of a special dedication, unlike me. I cry. I CRY. One on my birthday isn't enough. I'm needy, okay? HAHAHA. NAH, IT'S JUST SO EXCITING BEING MENTIONED ON SOMEONE'S BLOG... COS OBVIOUSLY THEY'VE BEEN THINKING ABOUT YOU. o0oo00oo00o0o00oo GENIUS. At least Margaret loves me. I still can't believe she dedicated a song to me called 'nobody's perfect'.... i am hurt. LMAO. BITCH, I'M FABULOUS.

I hate it when people steal my jokes. Like, excuse me bitch. I am hilarious, not you. I'm pretty sure we have all experienced this before but if not, you are obviously the culprit. SHAME ON YOU. It's even worse when you tell the person the joke and they share it to the whole world, taking credit for how effing funny you are. DAT AIN'T COOL.

I think we're gonna be stuck in Mr Yates' eco class this week which means i get to sit with Anne. OH HO HO, i don't expect to do any work. I think what unites us is gossip. Usually i do the listening cos no one tells me stuff. I KNOW THAT'S BAD BUT THANKS TO GOSSIPING, I UNDERSTAND HOW FUNNY AND NOT SCARY ANNE IS. Besides, we have a discussion of the facts, not gossip. LMAO.

FROZEN BERRIES ARE SO BLOODY DELICIOUS. See what i did there?? If you don't, you didn't read this post properly. LOL

It's on, bitches.