I have bitch face syndrome.

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November 2, 2011 // 10:01 PM

I LOVE MUSIQ SOULCHILD. OMGSHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Grace is full of good song recommendations today. I never knew she had this side to her. HEHEHE. :$ MUSIC CAN ACTUALLY CHANGE MY MOOD. I'm so happy right now!!!!

I went to the library today and didn't do any work, as always. HAHAHA. Okay, the only reason i wanted to blog was to talk about Julia's pencil. Julia wanted to sharpen her pencil but no one had a sharpener so she asked the librarian for one. She went to the bin and did her business. HHAKDAJDAJKHDAHSD. SHE WALKED BACK ALL UPSET THEN SHE SHOWED US THE PENCIL. IT WAS SHREDDED AND DEMOLISHED BY THE SHARPENER OF DOOM. OMGSHGFHSDFHHAHAHAHAHA!!! There was little hope for that pencil. LMAOOO. Then she tried to sharpener with scissors but she sucked so she passed it to Simon. Then somehow Simon snaps the pencil in half............. HAHAHAKJDSDAJSDAHHHAHAHAHAHAA. JULIA'S FACE WAS PRICELESS. JULIA WAS SO SAD SHE SNAPPED THE PENCIL AGAIN. The pencil was just blunt once upon a time but ended up snapped in 3 pieces. I kept a piece as a memory. HAHAHAHAHA. R.I.P. PENCIL.

I'm beginning to really hate maths. Like, actually hate it... i can't do anything. I HATE MYSELF. EFF YOU MATHS, you're lowering my self esteem. ASDKLSADLKDAHDS. EUUUUUUUURGGGGGGGGGH. SUCK MY MASSIVE BEAR COCK. Going to the library to do maths is so bad cos i get really frustrated but i can't do anything about it so i just sit there all angry and depressed. IF I WERE AT HOME, I COULD... idk, eat? I don't know but i don't like doing maths at the library. LOL. eff you, smart bitches.

People can be such assholes. KARMA IS GOING TO GET YOU.

I don't feel awkward silences. I just consider it silence. HAHAHA. Maybe this is why i make everyone feel awkward. LMAO.