I have bitch face syndrome.

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November 22, 2011 // 10:13 PM

I woke up at 4:30 to study and i'm dead tired. So, all i can say about eco is that i screwed up and i am extremely disappointed in myself. I can't really do anything else besides studying and messing up everything else. I'VE CRIED ENOUGH. AHAHAHAHA. Omgsh, i usually cry to the people i love most.. like... THEY JUST TRIGGER MY TEARS. IT'S TRUE, I'VE NOTICED BUT I AM UNABLE TO EXPLAIN WHY. Real men cry, okay?!?

I AM FREEEEEEEE FROMMMMM CRANCHERRRRRRR!!!! She hates me cos i didn't turn up to morning class and now i have to write a note about why i skipped. Oh mah gad. SO NEEDY. When i was in her class, i did no work AT ALL. It's so hard to listen... it's like she's talking in the background even when you're trying to listen. :| THEN I MOVED BACK TO RAWSON'S TODAY... oh mah gad. I am so thankful i have him now. HAHA. YAY!!!! I also moved physics classes so no cake for me anymore but Robson is good, making everything okay.

Why must ads be so deceiving? Damn you, victoria's secret models... no one can look good in pyjamas but you. LOL. :( SO DECEIVING!!!!!

YOU KNOW WHAT I LOVE? When i wake up early naturally and i feel all refreshed but that has not happened in a very long time, probably cos i always sleep late nowadays. My dark circles are... horrible. kfjsdkljfskj D:

I WATCHED NEW GIRL TODAY. OMGSH!!! I LOVE IT!!! YAYYYYY!!!! I was allowed to watch some shows cos i was sad so that doesn't count. LOL. YAYY!! I CAN'T WAIT TILL AFTER ALL THE ASSESSMENTS THEN I CATCH UP ON TV SHOWS. YAYAYAYYAAYYAYAY! I know, it's too early to be excited, especially today.