I have bitch face syndrome.

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November 15, 2011 // 9:55 PM
Holding onto something that never existed.

Lisa Lai has herpes on her fingers. :( The slut is at it again! HAHAHA. Lup u. Everyone was scared of her and we all screamed whenever she would come into contact with us. LOL. DAMN BITCH.

WE HAD A TUTOR TEST TODAY. Oh mah gad, i think i did okay. 90% + pls, LOL. I'M GLAD THAT MY TUTOR DOESN'T THINK I'M NEEDY COS I TEXTED HIM 3 TIMES THIS WEEK, which is kind of excessive but i had some very important questions to ask, one in which he answered 'yes'. JUST A ONE WORD ANSWER. Ah man, a stab in the heart. LMAO. I'm the kind of person that gets offended with one worded answers cos i always say LOL, LMAO AND HAHAHAHA so i sound friendly. One worded answers are the worst, especially when i write a whole effing paragraph. I didn't go to the trouble to writing a paragraph for one word. LOL. t('.' )t Well, now you all know so yah. HAHA.

OMGGG, I DON'T WANT THE PHYSICS CREW TO BREAK UP. LOL. :( Well, Michelle helped me realise that it's better if i drop art cos i recently decided to keep up but i haven't done shit for the assessment task due next week. LOL. Waaaaah. ANYWAY, I SAID THE FUNNIEST THING TODAY. If you don't laugh then obviously it's a YOU HAD TO BE THERE kind of moment. 8) WELL, MR WALKS BY JOHNNY'S DESK, THEN RANDOMLY SITS DOWN AND SAYS 'HEY JOHNNY'. Vanessa asks what he was doing, he walks towards us and i say HE'S TOO YOUNG FOR YOU. OAHSDKAHKSADHAHAHAKJSDHASJHJAHAHA. It was funny, ok. LMAOSKJDAKJHDSHAHAHAA!! The poor man was hurt. HAHAHAHAHAHA. LISA ASKS HIM WHEN HIS BIRTHDAY IS AND IT TURNS OUT TO BE TWO AFTER LISA'S. THEN I SAID THAT THEY'RE SISTERS. I don't know how that makes sense but it's still funny. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh man, i'm so funny.

When i'm angry, i'm either a tiger or an angry bitch. I think angry bitch is the worst you can deal with cos not only am i irritated but i will get extremely pissed. Like, i don't think you understand how angry i get. I often look back and think of how stupid i acted but at the time, i will explode. HAHAHAHA. SO FOR THOSE PEOPLE WHO HAVE SUFFERED THE WRATH OF ANGRY BITCH, i'm sorry.

It's like all my friends have suddenly gotten lives. Ever since i began my fb + twitter ban, all my favourites have been hiding from me... i'm crying. I can't even watch 2 broke girls. I guess i'll have to resort to doing work. HAHAHA.

I hate it when people tell me they're studying. LMAO... i feel like they're doing it on purpose cos they know i'm not and want me to know how much better they are than me. Stfu bitch. Alright buddy, alright. FOR SOME REASON, THIS LEADS TO ME TO HOW MUCH I HATE LIARS. Omgsh, it worse when you know the truth and lies are coming out of their mouth. YOU'VE BEEN CAUGHT, BITCH.

HAHAHAHA, OMG. I just remembered Julia practiced biting her lip. AHHH, I FELT SO AWKWARD WATCHING HER.. FDSLDFKJFSLKJFDS... cringe... SHASKJDHASHDA. HAHAHA. sorreh babeh