I have bitch face syndrome.

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November 10, 2011 // 8:47 PM

Margaret posted this on her tumblr and she said it was AMAZING AND INSPIRATIONAL. You know Margaret, she tends to exagerrate a little (love you) so i didn't watch it. Then i got bored and watched it... WOW. OMGSKHDFJSHFSJHFS. You can't tell in her songs but her voice is so beautiful. Omfg. SHE SOUNDS BETTER LIVE. :| Das craycray.

I reached 14000 views! Uh... yay... LOL.

I want to make friendship bracelets now cos i want to give some to all my friends, especially Vivian. c: HEHEHEHHOHHOHOHOOHOO. :O I AM GOING TO THE LIBRARY ON SATURDAY WITH JACQ AND YVY SO... i could go to spotlight or something. THIS SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD PLAN!!! Hopefully i finish catching up by then or else i am doomed to fail, dtf. HAHAHA.

I saw Julia's haircut today!!! Ah, i am so proud of her. :') I would love to help someone like that but i'm too selfish to cut my hair. :( SO, YAY ANNA, JULIA AND YING!!! :D

Margaret is attracted to assholes, so if you are one. She is available. What she means by asshole is that he's a douche to everyone but the girl he likes, which marge hopes is her. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. She probably sees that as manly but... she duh craycray. I can see her marrying a white guy. Never EVER an asian. I remember when i went to the city with Julia and Margaret... they kept perving on like.. tall, white businessmen probably in their late 20's or something. Oh man............ LOL.

A lot of guys have really big asses. This is not fair. I deserve a nice ass. LOL. :( They have no use for their huge butts except for accidentally knocking shit over and providing with me and Liza entertainment at peak. HEHE. LIZA IS SO RIGHT... if i were fat, Duyen would be my inspiration too. Dude, he has lost SO MUCH WEIGHT. I don't understand how... SO QUICKLY. THE RESULTS HAVE BEEN SO VISIBLE. Omgsh. CLAPS FOR DUYEN! The air conditioner broke today so everyone was fanning themselves with their homework. HAHAHA. DUYEN'S SWEAT PATCHES BEGAN TO APPEAR ON HIS BACK. The heat really got to him cos he made crazy jokes.

People are so hard to read. You can never tell if they're just putting up an act or acting like their true selves. Why do people do that? Not cool.

So apparently i made a typo in my last post (yes, i read my own blog HAHAHAHAHA). WHAT I MEANT TO SAY WAS... there are sometimes things i wish i didn't find out about. -sigh- This happens way too often. People should just tell me nothing. LOL. Horriballs.

I have morning class tomorrow, wah. I hate maths so freaking much. I want to drop to 2 unit. :( EFF DA WORLD


P.S. I am still not over Liza needing to take a shit.