I have bitch face syndrome.

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November 12, 2011 // 8:14 PM


My legs are so smooth right now, oh mah gad. LOLOLOL. THIS IS UNBELIEVABLLLLLLE. I think i missed a spot... WHOOPS. HAHAHA. :$

I went to livo library today and had more fun than i should've! LOL. Strangely enough, i actually did SOME work. Maybe because Yvy and Jacquie are in my class for maths. LIVO LIBRARY IS SOOOO COOOOL!!! THEY HAVE FREE WIFI AND IT'S SO CLOSE TO WESTFIELDS. Da best. WEWWW. I haven't gone to westfields in so long and so many things have changed!!! IT'S SO CHRISTMAS-Y. There was a parade actually.. is it a parade? LMAO. IDK BUT THEY WERE PLAYING TRUMPETS AND SHIT. SOW EXCITING. YD SMELLS SO EFFING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. OMFGGGGGG, IT'S THE PERFECT MAN SMELL. Oh mah gad. We all just died. I want to ask them what they spray there cos... oh my gosh. IT'S UNBELIEVABLE. SO GOOD. Yay!! Can't wait to go again!!!

I WANT A TONED STOMACH. Omg... I think i look really bad in bikinis. LMAO. I HATE BEING FLAT. Speaking of bikinis, Dannie Riel actually exists. Omfg, she's so beautiful... it's unbelievable. She makes everyone look so common... eff. LMAO. AHHHHHHHHHHHH. I am not gay, LOL.

I wish i smelt nice and dressed nice cos then i will fool people into thinking i'm hot when i'm really not. HAHAHA. I WAS THINKING, IF A GUY DRESSED NICE AND SMELT LIKE THE YD STORE, I'D BE TRICKED INTO BELIEVING THEY'RE ATTRACTIVE WHEN THEY'RE REALLY NOT. Cool discovery, right? HAHAHA. I AM A GENIUS.

BOXERS ARE SO COMFY. I wear them as shorts, alright?! I'm not a boy. HAHAHA. I don't understand how guys can wear them instead of underwear... everything would just hang loose. HAHAHAHAHAHA. OK, I'LL STOP. LMAO. HI KK, BUY ME BOXERS. Thankz.

I used to think it was stupid when there was shit on tumblr saying shit like 'if i say go away, don't' BUT I REALISE I DO THAT SOMETIMES TO. BAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA. We are all umbday. Sometimes i do mean go away cos someone's being an annoying little bitch. Sometimes it's cool to see who stays, YKNOOOOOOW? THIS IS ONLY WHEN I'M SAD. I am not crazy. It's like taking the easy option by just going away cos then you don't have to comfort the person. IT'S LIKE A TEST TO SEE WHO CARES ENOUGH TO HELP. I'm bad at comforting people so i just try and make a joke... my strategy works very well, just saying. HAHA. I sound like a fag but i hope someone can relate. :'(

Omg, have you heard of this girl named Cindy? Omg, she is such a bitch. ROFLMAO. There, you needy slut. There is your mention on my blog. HAHAHAHAHAHA. 8)

Assessments are so soon. I think i'm going to cry. My motivational quotes are not working. HAHAHA.