I have bitch face syndrome.

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November 21, 2011 // 12:25 AM

THROWBACCCCCCCCCCCK! HAHAHAHA. Omg, all the pictures and shit remind me of year 7. AHAHAHA. We were all such fags but i still like the song. Don't judge me. This video was uploaded in 2006... EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE NOW.

I have pretty much been working on eco all day... i finished at 5 with 1400 words and i cut it down to 989.... but i don't have a conclusion. :| I really don't know if i can write that fast. WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH. :(((

Everyone is in it for themselves... IT'S SO HARD TO TRUST PEOPLE. NO ONE CAN BE TRUSTED.

Do you imagine situations you want to happen in your head? Well, i do. I am such a sad case. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I am never going to marry Brad Pitt. HE'S IN PRETTY GOOD SHAPE FOR... IDK, a man over 40?!? Velly nice. I approve. No one likes his beard but i kinda like it. SO MUCH MYSTERY, kinda like Anne and her long skirt. Baby, don't tease me like that. :( Always leave me hanging!!

I can't believe Anne dedicated a blog post to me. :'DDDD HOW SWEET!!!!! HEHEHEHEEHOEHOEHEHOEHEHEEHEHE. I guess i could dedicate to you a really long paragraph of how much i love you??? LOL... HERE IT GOES...

Lup u long tym.

Happy birthday, Cindy! I do not have facebook nor do i have your number so no gay ass embarrassing poem for you, broe. OMGGGGGG, THAT REMINDS ME... EVERYONE HAS BEEN REQUESTING THE SQUASHING VIDEO... so... tada! Everyone being fat chao and Lisa... HAHAHAHA. Whatever, i have friends. :( HERE IT ISSSSS.

I am craving pancakes now. NOT NORMAL PANCAKES BUT THIS ASIAN PANCAKE... oh mah gad. I don't know what it's callled but it's nice. HEHE.

I really should have studied earlier. Now i am all depressed and preparing myself for failure. LOL. PHYSICS AND AG ARE ON THE SAME DAY... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Shit to the balls. So scared for maths.... :'(

I better go to sleep or i won't get abs.