I have bitch face syndrome.

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November 11, 2011 // 10:12 PM

Stressed + sad + pms + Mary J. Blige = explosion t('-' )t

I know the ultimate wish thing probably doesn't exist but i don't care.
#1 I wish i didn't give a shit.
#2 I wish i didn't aim so high.
#3 I wish i didn't have pms.
#4 I wish i had bigger boobs.
#5 I wish Dannie Riel slapped my ass but that slap cost Sophiea $15.
Anne and I hugged for the first time today. The librarian thought Julia saw a man's penis and came to her rescue (see what i did there). It's Carmen's birthday! I missed 11:11 of the 11/11/11 but then again, it's just another day. Not really, it's also Remembrance Day. Mr Hancock asked the class if they had anything large to put in Yvy and the class burst out in laughter.

Back to work! LOL, jk. Time to start work.