I have bitch face syndrome.

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November 13, 2011 // 11:25 PM
things i need to do

- finish all the q's for tuesday
- 2 x eco essays (wed + friday)
- revise for 2u by sunday
- finish writing ag notes
- catch up on maths, still
- make notes for 3u (don't judge me just cos i'm umbday)
- revise for 3u
- do shit for art
- buy a stress ball LOL
- don't panic (this is kind of impossible)
I think i'm going to cry. There's so much stuff to do and i can't even rage on twitter anymore. Oh man, i promised myself i would change but i definitely have not. LOL, MAYBE A LITTLE BUT NOT ENOUGH TO SUCCEEEEEEEED.

Sometimes i really, REALLY want to rage at people but i know i can't cos then i'll end up saying sorry and looking like a weak bitch, so that ain't happening. Sometimes bottling up my feelings isn't fun but not like there is someone i can talk to, yknow? Cos i am always annoyed at stupid shit and no one wants to ever hear me complain over and over again, let alone even care. AM I RIGHT? Of course i am.

Am i as annoying as people are to me? I hope not cos then i must piss off everyone. LMAO. I WONDER IF THERE'S SOME CRAZY BITCH LIKE ME THAT GETS ANNOYED AT EVERYTHING. If so, call me up at 046... AHAHA, jk. I'm crazy but i'm a nice lady! I'm also a poet... YOOOOUUUUU KNOW IT!

I don't understand why i'm in the top class for english. This homework i have to do right now is driving me nuts and i don't even understand half of the questions. LMAO. SOZ FOR BEING UMBDAAAAAAY. Wah, i thought being able to go on msn would help me with my work but no one was online so i've had to suffer by myself cos my english buddies are all on twitter... -sigh- NOT EVEN GRACE WAS ONLINE. Obviously the apocolypse is coming if Grace isn't online.

Wah, why does everyone dress so nice? :( Looking at fashion blogs makes me sad. I'm just gonna be a dull, ugly looking, off heat bitch for the rest of my life. HAHAHAHAHA.