I have bitch face syndrome.

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December 9, 2011 // 11:04 PM

She's so beautiful. :(((( After watching her videos, i really want to be tanned. WHY ARE ALL HOT PEOPLE TANNED? When i'm tanned, i go black and it's just ugly. LOL. :( SPEAKING OF GETTING TANNED, this is so weird... but my WHOLE body gets tanned. I NEVER expose my stomach and it's black now. WTF IS THIS MADNESS... I guess it's kinda good... even skin tone. HAHA.

YOU KNOW WHAT I LOVE? ONE SIDED CONVERSATIONS! They are absolutely the best! Do you know why? I TELL SOMEONE A HILARIOUS STORY ABOUT MY AWESOME LIFE AND THEY IGNORE ME TO TELL ME SOME STUPID SHIT ABOUT THEIR DUMB LIFE. I am cool if it happens once. Yeah, okay... i can handle that but when it happens constantly... oh man. Not cool. Why am i prone to being friends with these kinds of people? I can't answer that question either. I honestly don't understand why i bother sometimes.

Leading me onto my next point, i don't understand why people i'm mad at or dislike are nice all of a sudden... it just confuses me. Being the kind, forgiving person i am... i disregard the shit they've done or said to me and act like nothing has happened so maybe that's why i'm trapped with listening to their dumb stories. I hate it when their stories turn out to be good then i sound all happy and then they think ALL the stuff they say is gold. Am i making sense? I don't think so. Okay, i'm not crazy.

I think i'm really annoying, especially with Anne. Anne, i am really sorry for persistently asking you to blog and tumble but the only reason i ask is cos reading your blog makes me happy. LOL. :$ Aw, i did the blushing face... i am one adorable bitch. HAHAHAHA, JK. That's your job. Please tie your hair up cos i think it's adoraballs. Thx bb.

I've noticed lately that i'm always so eager to see Margaret and i don't know why. I even tried called her today but i was rejected. :( I love my friends. I don't tell them enough but i'm not good with expressing my feelings. I am pretty much a boy with pms. LOL. It's so weird how people say i love you so freely. I do it too but i often don't mean it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA. LOVE YOU ALLLL. I probably only mean it when i say it to my parents or my best buddies. HAHAHAHAHA. Soz babies. My secret has unraveled.

I am going to livo tomorrow but i'm not that excited. Shopping isn't that fun without my mum. HAHAHAHA. :( OH WELL. I LOVE YOU GUISE. I GET TO SMELL YD AND THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS. WOOHOOO!!! I wanna ask what they spray in there and then make my mum buy it for my dad THEN MY HOUSE CAN SMELL BEAUTIFUL. THEN I'LL BE HIGH AND HAPPY 24/7. Sounds like a good plan. WOOHOO

I always have those moments where i notice something really distinct about someone which i've never noticed before. FOR EXAMPLE, VIVIAN IS SO FREAKING CUTE. I hope she doesn't think i look down on her or anything but i just think she's so cute. LOL. I've noticed other stuff but as if i'm gonna mention that. HAHAHAHA.

I don't like it when people say 'lego'. Also, i really hate it when someone tries to point out something bad about you but in a 'funny' or 'nice' way. Bitch, it's not working. I usually get really offended and self conscious. Oh well... what can you do? Bitches will be bitches.

Don't you hate the moments where you look in the mirror and you realise you're a hideous bitch buy you can't do anything about it? Yeah, me too. DON'T WORRY. I'M NOT DEPRESSED ABOUT THE WAY I LOOK ALL THE TIME SO DON'T BE RUNNING OFF AND CALLING BEYOND BLUE. HAHAHAHA.

I find it really unnattractive when guys are dumb. Not necessarily academically but like... i have no idea how to explain it. Maybe all guys are like that... anyway, i was just joking about the things guys require need to be attractive. There's so much more than being nice and buff. Honestly, it's so easy to act nice so... DON'T THINK YOU'LL BE CAPTURING MY HEART IF YOU'RE BUFF AND NICE.