I have bitch face syndrome.

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December 1, 2011 // 11:11 PM
Jenifer and Janet

Maths was shit. Can i just drop to 2u already? HAHA, who am i kidding... i'm bad at that too. I had quite a bad day at school but talking to Anne and seeing Simon Chau with tissues up his nose a little bit better.

ANNE AND I HAVE BEEN TEXTING QUITE A LOT LATELY. TEXTING REALLY BRINGS PEOPLE CLOSER. I think texting is how Michelle and i got closer now look at us today. HAHAHAHA. Anyway, yay for getting closer to people.

I find it so useless praying before an exam. LMAO. IT'S FUNNY COS I APPARENTLY DON'T BELIEVE IN GOD YET I HOPE THAT I DON'T FAIL. I talk to some higher power or some shit, i don't even know. Yeah, well, it's useless cos what will determine whether or not you fail is the amount of effort you put it. If you made zero effort, no point in praying cos you are gonna fail. Yep, i'm talking about me. LOL.

Grace came to tutor today and i think we were laughing half of the time. I don't know why i was laughing so much. LOL. Grace should come to thursday class more often. SHE IS SUCH A METALHEAD. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Lup u long tym. DOES DUYEN TELL THE SAME JOKES TO THE TUESDAY CLASS? HAHAHAHAHAHA. OH MR NGUYEN AND YOUR FUNNY ANALOGIES. It turns out Liza is staying and she keeps falling asleep. I COULD HEAR HER TRYING TO GRAB COFFEE LOLLIES FROM HER POCKET. I have to kick her ass so she keeps awake.

I think wife beaters are the boy equivalent of a bra. I'm serious. You can't be letting your tits hang out unless your body is sexay and it's something everyone wants to see through your school shirt. OMGSH, THIS GUY CAME FROM THE TOILET, AS HE WAS SITTING DOWN, I LOOKED AT HIS ASS (I AM NOT A PERVE. LOL, JK. I CAN'T HELP IT.) AND HE HANDPRINTS ON HIS ASS. HAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA. Today was a good lesson.

Imagine being a victoria's secret model... omg. YOU GET PAID FOR BEING BEAUTIFUL AND STRUTTING AROUND IN VERY EXPENSIVE UNDERWEAR. How do beautiful people like this exist?! THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE. Also, THEY HAVE BEAUTIFUL FACES AND BODIES. I have neither. Excuse me, learn to share.

DURING ENGLISH TODAY, I TWISTED MY ARM... which doesn't sound as bad as it sounds but... OMGSH. I wish i was a boy. MY ARM WAS FULL TENSED AND OH MAH GAD. I never know my arm could look like that. HAHAHAHA. I think it's so much easier attracting the opposite sex if you're a boy cos all you need is to be nice and have a hot body. You don't even have to have a nice face cos the body is distracting... or even better... DRESSING NICE. OH MAN. Girls have to go through so much shit, you have to have boobs, not be a bitch, slap on some make up in the morning cos ya know... people are shallow like that. I don't know what i'm saying anymore. I'm really tired.