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December 27, 2011 // 9:54 PM

OUR FRIEND DATE TURNED OUT VERY WELL, ANNE. We have become that much closer. HAHAHA. I've learnt a lot from today like people are not as they seem and you can buy cooked wedges from woolworths in the city. Fanx. ANNE ALSO PASSED MY TEST COS DURING THE DAY OUR HANDS KEPT TOUCHING AND WE ONLY POINTED IT OUT ONCE COS IT'S NOT AWKWARD SO TO TEST IF WE WERE REALLY CLOSE, I LET MY LEG TOUCH HER ALMOST HALF OF THE TRAIN RIDE BACK AND SHE DIDN'T SAY A THING. So, if i had to choose a group to call my galz, you would be in it too. :)

Initially, we planned to write new year's resolutions and study on the train rides but of course we didn't end up doing that. LOL. We talked the whole way there... ah. Although some may believe Anne talks too much, i really don't mind cos it feels like we could have an endless conversation. LOL. IT'S NOT A ONE SIDED CONVERSATION EITHER!!! Congratz, buddy.

We also planned to drink coffee, sitting around and acting cool... yeah, that didn't happen either. Though, i did try something new... MATCHA LATTE. Sounds nice but don't let the name deceive you. WHEN THE GUY HANDED ME MY DRINK, THERE WERE TWO LAYERS - ONE GREEN AND THE OTHER WHITE. WTH, SO I SHOOK IT UP AND TOOK A SIP. Omg, THERE WAS NO SUGAR IN IT AT ALL. IT WAS LITERALLY TEA AND MILK. I DID NOT PAY MONEY FOR TEA AND MILK. WHERE THE SUGAR AT? I was not pleased with trying something new whilst anne enjoyed her stupid lychee milk tea... i was tricked into thinking she was taking the plunge and trying some weird tea which i don't remember the name of. Anne just talked while i sat there with my shitty drink, trying not to act depressed. HAHAHAHA. It was then that i revealed to her that i lacked social skills so throughout the rest of the day, she acted as if we just met.. YEAH, NOT FALLING FOR IT. I really do lack social skills.

This is not gonna be in chronological order cos i'm too tired. LOL. Anyway, men's cologne all smell the same... it smells so sour and gross. YUCK. ON THE OTHER HAND, WOMEN'S PERFUME SMELLS SO NICE. WE TRIED SOMETHING NEW AND PICKED UP THIS PLAIN BOTTLE AND OMMMMMMMMMG. IT SMELT SO EFFING GOOD. I think it smells like tea but not like the overwhelming smell of easyway. According to anne it smells like vanilla? Yeah, i still don't smell any vanilla. HAHA.

Anne wanted to get tekken so we walked back and forth to compare prices but we ended up going back to the first place. :( She wanted to buy late christmas presents for her mum and brother andrew but that didn't turn out so well. LOL. I thought she wanted the game for herself cos she went on about how she liked fighting games.. BUT NO. WHEN HER BROTHER CALLED, SHE SAID SHE HAD A GIFT FOR HIM. I KNOW YOUR SECRET. Nah, i would do that too... smartzzzz, a present to share. LOL.

Silly Anne is so silly. She asked me if i would still be friends with her if she were like snew-ki. HAHHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... ALSO, WHEN SHE WAS DRYING HER HANDS IN THAT MACHINE WHERE YOU JUST DIP YOUR HANDS IN AND OUT, SHE DESCRIBES THE FEELING AS A HURRICANE. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAA.. out of all things... if this isn't funny, then it is a YOU HAD TO BE THERE kinda moment.

I want heaps of cousins now that live in the same damn country as me and around the same age as me. I WANT TO TALK TO THEM ABOUT WEIRD THINGS AND LIFE. Stupid anne and her hot cousins. :(


I was pretty excited to go to city to check out if there were good sales but i was disappointed. I really hate it when stores are crowded... oh mah gad. All i ended up buying was bronzer, a pencil case and mr bean dvds... OKAY, I AM PLEASED WITH MY PURCHASES. HAHAHA. YAY!!! Apparently my parents hate mr bean cos they think he's stupid... THAT IS WHY HE IS FUNNY. HOW AM I RELATED TO THESE PEOPLE??? MR BEAN IS SO LOVABLE.

Since i have really shit memory, i am relying on anne to blog about all other funny things she said today and tell you all of how much she loves spitroast. LOL. I have said anne way too many times in this post... skdklsjf

YAY!!!! JULIA IS BACK WITH A DIFFERENT OUTLOOK. WOOOHOOOOO!!! BUT NOOO, according to the girl that has been outerstate this past week, the library is closed so my plan to hardcore study is spoilt cos as if i'm gonna do anything at home. I JUST CAN'T DO IT.

What do people even do on new year's day? I really don't know. Is standing around watching fireworks even fun? I am going to be the sad person i am and chill at home on the internet. Oh man, so sad.