I have bitch face syndrome.

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December 30, 2011 // 9:42 PM

This reminds me a lot of Anne. It really is true. I think sometimes we all get too caught up in our meaningless day to day shit that we forget what it truly means to be happy but not that i can say much, hahaha.

Don't you hate looking back on a mistake and beating yourself up over it? Yeah, i know i can learn from mistakes but what if i don't get an oppurtunity to show that i've learnt from my mistake? WHAT IF? WHAT IF? Should it really matter if i don't? Hm... okay, it doesn't. Yay! Problem solved.

Words are nothing when there is no meaning behind them.

Lately, I have had this really strong urge to want to go to the movies. I want to eat popcorn. I want to get pissed at people when they laugh at the wrong time. Nah, i don't want that. I actually get really angry. I want to go on a friend date but movies are expensive. JULIIIIIIIIIIIIIAAAA. WASSSSSSSSSUP! I was just googling some stuff and there are apparently no good movies out so i will have to resort to eating microwave popcorn while watching mr bean by myself. Living the good life.

I have a never ending list of thing to do yet i always find myself napping, eating and watching tv. I seriously do nothing but that. TODAY, TO END THE YEAR, I WILL MAKE IT A PRODUCTIVE DAY AND NOT ALLOW IT TO BE AN EXCUSE TO BE LAZY. I AM NOT GOING TO CHANGE NEXT YEAR. I AM GOING TO CHANGE NOW. Epiphany much? AHAHA. Hopefully my motivation in the morning.

Sorry, i don't have much to blog about because i've been doing the same thing everyday.

Anyway, I hope you feel enlightened by this quote. :)
Calm in quietude is not real calm. When you can be calm in the midst of activity, this is the true state of nature. Happiness in comfort is not real happiness. When you can be happy in the midst of hardship, then you see the true potential of the mind.