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December 26, 2011 // 7:45 PM

Well, Christmas is over and so i'm just sitting here thinking about doing work while sippin' on my apple and mango juice. This is quite relaxing but i know this feeling won't last for long as weeks pass by and i begin to panic. I'm already panicking, though, i'm not doing anything to relieve this feeling? Instead i sit around and watch the secret circle.

THE SECRET CIRCLE IS A REALLY GOOD SHOW. IT REMINDS ME OF CHARMED. Ah, there was this really cute guy but i only noticed his good looks an episode right before he dies and gets cut off... LUCKILY FOR ME, he has a very good looking brother that wears really deep v necks. HAHAHAHAHA. Usually i would think really deep v necks were really fug but for him, i'll make an exception. SADLY, SHIVANI INFORMED ME THAT HE'S TEMPORARY EYE CANDY COS HE LEAVES. WAAAAAAAAHHHHH. I often get really into movies/tv shows and i get really angry when the slut gets with the guy i like. :( NOT COOL. Damn you and your beautiful body, Diana.

Anyway, the only thing i was excited for on Christmas day was to see my mum open her present... which happened at the end of the day so during the day i lazed around and watched tv. DENNIS THE MANACE IS SO CUTE. I watched it and i cried. ROFLMAO. IT'S GOOD, OKAY?! IT IS A VERY EMOTIONAL MOMENT WHEN MR WILSON FINDS HIS CHRISTMAS SPIRIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mum didn't seem surprised when she opened her present... MAYBE COS RIGHT AFTER MY DAD AND I WENT TO BUY IT, HE TOLD HER??? I devised a plan and everything yet he did not follow it so the suprise failed. She was happy nonetheless which is all that matters. :) Yep, that's pretty much how i spent my christmas. LOL.


So i went to bondi junction today and i didn't end getting anything but my mum did so it was pretty much a waste of time. I DID GET GREASE LIGHTNING. THIS SHIT BETTER WORK OR I WON'T BE VERY HAPPY. When i bought it, THIS CUTE GUY SERVED ME. Oh my. THEN HE SAID SEE YA. Sorry buddy, but you are not going to see me later. I was not destined to end up with a beautiful guy cos i only spot them when i'm shopping then never see them again... like seriously?! WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?!!??!

I sound really shallow today and for that i am sorry. I'm in a... bleh kinda mood. LOL. I should be excited for tomorrow cos i am going to the shitty with Anne... atm, i feel so lazy. I just wanna go parra now. KSJAHDAJS. Hopefully tomorrow ends up good cos all i wanna do is talk. AHAHA.

FAR OUT. THE SIGHT OF WORK AND MITCHELL AND KENNY'S TWEETS MAKE ME WANT TO ROLL UP INTO A BALL AND CRY. I HAVE DECIDED AFTER TOMORROW, I WILL GO LIBRARY EVERYDAY TO DO WORK. Yes, i am the next Vincent. Please, no one suddenly turn up or else i'll get distracted unless you're there to help me with maths. Aw, Julia helps with me with maths and doesn't get annoyed with me... I MISS THAT GIRL. :'(

So cute. Okay, going to schleep. I hope you all had a very merry christmas!