I have bitch face syndrome.

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January 14, 2012 // 6:13 PM
Common misfortune unites people.

Yesterday was definitely an interesting day.
- I changed my mind about going to the party so that meant Julia wasn't go, then Margaret then Wendy then Avi. I'M POPULAR, OK? THEN WE ALL DECIDED TO GO SO MARGARET COULD SHAKE HER NONGAS OFF. HAHAHAHA...
- We saw goku's peepee.
- Julia, Avi and I read the sex scene in snow falling on cedars. HAHAHAHAHAHHDSJKDAHDA. It was funny.
- Julia bought hello kitty lollies. She ate one. Avi ate one and sealed the lid forever. We should've gone to refund it. At first we all just tried to open it normally... of course that didn't work so we beat up the tin with Julia's heel and drew a lot of attention to ourselves so we took it outside. We continued and this nice man tried to help us. He created a dent and small hole. HAHAHA. We truly are like cavemen. We were really hoping that Wendy would have a logical solution but she just suggested we melt it. AHAHAHAAHA... then it was a christmas miracle and avi opened it!! yay
- I made too many black jokes yesterday. I blamed our bad luck on avi. We all know it's bad luck seeing a black man on friday the 13th.
- At the party, all i did was eat and danced the night away. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... Margaret's dance moves are inspired by nature. She was acting like an emu but she's hot so it's okay.
- Honestly, if you don't give a shit about anything or anyone, you will be so much happier. SO MUCH HAPPIER. SEE?? ATTACHMENTS CAUSE SO MANY PROBLEMS... but i don't know what i'd be like if i had no friends. If people don't care about you, don't waste your time caring about them. Also, people need to get their shit together and realise stupidity is probably the most unattractive trait ever... just as bad as black shirts and white ties. Sorry boys. -cringe-
- I hate nosy people. Keep your curiosity on the down low, gurlfran.

I have been laying in bed all day and i don't care. wooohooooo