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January 18, 2012 // 9:52 PM
happy birthday, vangaysa!

YAYYY! Happy birthday, Vanessa! I would write you a sappy love letter but i think our friendship does not require that because you should already know how much i love ya. mwah xo

I came to Lisa's house early today and i dyed her hair! THE RESULTS WERE FANTASTIC!!! HAHAHAHA. Well, it was much better than expected. I thought it was kinda dodgy just chillin on her bedroom floor and just dying her hair. WE HAD TO MIX THE DYE OURSELVES... think of our own ratios. HAHAHAHA. YAAAAY!!! I took 1.5hr to cover her whole head which is apparently a really long time BUT IT GOOD TO BE THOROUGH!!!! :D We tried to dye a patch of my hair... nothing happened. If i dyed my hair, i would dye it brown... like the roots of lisa's hair brown! Oh well. We didn't get to play fat princess. :(

THE WHITE PARTY WAS SO FUNNNN!!! FOOD, FRIENDS AND MORE FOOD!!! :D People came late so meanwhile we just ate. My stomach is still kinda bloated. HAHAHA... yuck!!! There was enough food to feed a family for a week.... SOO MUCCCH! GOOD JOB, VANESSSSAAA! Sitting around and just catching up is fun. :)

I've always thought that if someone came to attack me, i would be able to overcome them with my hidden strength... HAHAHAHAHA... however, after today... i have started to think otherwise. I ate a lot so i was really full... when i was attacked and rolled to the floor whilst lying innocently on the bean bag, i was in complete shock. At least now i know i need to take some self defence classes or just go to the gym. I think i've become even more unfit cos of the holidays. Wonderful!!!!

I think i've discovered what i want to be now. I want to be a photographer. I take beautiful photos... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Anne would know. I think you really become friends with someone when you can be gay with them without having to say no homo. This applies to Anne. If someone said i like you that many times to me in a day, i would be a bit scared. Though, she does balance it out with an extensive amount of insults so it's all okay. HAHAHA.

I have been addicted to one tree hill lately but, luckily, not to a point where it has overtaken my life. I THINK THIS SHOW IS QUITE GOOD FOR ME COS IT TAKES ME AWAY FROM REALITY, ALLOWING ME TO FORGET THAT THIS YEAR IS MY LAST YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL AND I SHOULD BE DOING WORK THIS VERY MINUTE. Remember what i said about overreacting to create some drama in my life? Omgsh!!! Why did i not think of this before? By watching this, i don't have to overreact anymore. HAHAHAHAHA. See, this is life changing... okay, not really. I really want a husband like nate... beautiful arms, a guy that would give up their whole career to save the life of a friend, a guy that would walk through the bush to not miss my birthday... WHAT A BEAUTIFUL MAN! Sadly, this is all a fantasy land. :(

I would blog more but i have too much work to do and i am way too tired.