I have bitch face syndrome.

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January 27, 2012 // 10:48 PM
This is where it ends.

We all know that doing our assignments last minute will not give us the best marks possible, yet we do it. We know that sleeping at 3am will create an oily minefield on our faces, yet we do it. We seem to know a lot of things are bad for us, yet we do it anyway. I don't think becoming attached to people is a bad thing but choosing the right people is a crucial step. The wrong people will constantly disappoint you cos you care, right? You know what? It's hard to drill into my brain that people will constantly disappoint me in my life. It's also hard to not care cos caring is what I do. The solution? I don't have one yet. Lesson here, kiddies, is expectations are shit and people are shit.

I am turning into Grace. HAHAHA. Before, I was really afraid of leaving school. Now I think.. THANK GOODNESS. LMAO. Like, if I really wanted to stay in contact with people, I'd make an effort to see them, no? What's the need of seeing them almost everyday?! IT'LL BE LIKE THE HOLIDAYS... but shitter I guess... oh man, I think I really want a change. I want to meet new people, despite my lack of social skills. Social skills can be improved, right? I want to travel then have a summer fling and fall madly in love with someone I don't know the name of, realising later that they're the love of my life when i return to Australia. Then as time progresses, I just decide to settle and put that person far back in my memory. WHEN ANNE INVITES ME TO HER WEDDING, THE GROOM IS THE GUY. Then i ruin the wedding and Anne calls me a bitch but I don't care cos I live happily ever after with the summer fling man.

I really like going to Anne's house! I wish I could come there every weekend. I can see myself getting drunk for the first time at her house. HAHAHAHA... you should see the alcohol she has just laying around. I had fun laying in Anne's bed, watching Julia bleed everywhere, walking to Vanessa's house, failing at pool, beating everyone in tekken and laughing at Nicholas file his nail. All in all, it was a very fun day hanging out with Anne, Anna, Anh, Diem, Julia and Nicholas. :)

DOUBLE TUTORING TOMORROW... OH MY. I hope I can get my phone back. I really do miss having an alarm. Peace out, bitchez.