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February 21, 2012 // 11:47 PM
Human value depends on liberation from the self.

Do you ever feel kinda empty? Neither happy nor sad... you just feel nothing. It is really weird. I don't know if I like this feeling or not... SO STRANGE.

I really like 10 things I hate about you. HEATH LEDGER IS JUST SO DAMN CHARMING AND BAD ASS. BLONDIE IS SO FEISTY AND UNPREDICTABLE. They are just so perfect for each other. Ah. I constantly discovered myself smiling out of nowhere... HAHAHAHAHA. I really like that movie. MOVIES ARE JUST SO MUCH MORE FUN TO WATCH WHEN THERE ARE SO MANY GOOD LOOKING PEOPLE STARRED IN THEM.

Why can't there be cute couples like that in real life? Often when I see couples, I AM THINKING 'BLEH. nuffin sigh worthy'... NOT THIS MOVIE COUPLE. THEY WERE JUST SO PERFECT. Man, I want a relationship like that. HAHAHAHA. THAT REMINDS ME... 'I WANT TO TAME A BAD BOY.' Oh Chanel, you are just too funny yet so right. I think all girls dream of that. Though, we must remember that life is not a movie so it will be extremely unlikely it'll happen. :(

I kind of just want to eat something cheap tomorrow considering I have spent too much money on a hat. THE STARVATION WILL BE WORTH THE STYLE. HAHAHAHA. jkjk

I WANT A PEN PAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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