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February 22, 2012 // 8:17 PM
whispering sweet nothings

I feel like I've learnt nothing about motors and generators at tutor. Maybe because I am half asleep... THE SOLUTION? Naps after school. I PAY SOOOO MUCH ATTENTION IF I NAP. OKAY, I SHALL DO THAT. I think finding the answers to your questions leaves with you such a great feeling as opposed to just giving up and asking someone for the answer. I should do this more often.

What is a friend? If someone asked me to define 'friend', I would not know and end up listing qualities you'd find in a friend, a person that is reliable, tolerant and trustworthy. GOOGLE'S DEFINITION IS WEIRD.'A person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations.' ... that doesn't sound right but Google is never wrong! HAHAHA.

I should keep my distance sometimes because I like the images I create of people so when they come too close to me, that image is often been completely destroyed. I don't want my fake boyfriend to be my boyfriend anymore. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Why do people judge when you ask them for help? Why must people be so insistent about reinforcing the fact that they know something? Questions, questions, questions. Confusion, confusion, confusion. That's a quality that should be added to the list.

I really like Anne... though, I wish she would swear at me knowing that I would not take offence. Maybe we're not that close just yet. LOL. Sometimes I wish I were more interesting because I never have interesting stories to tell Anne. :(

It's so hard to listen to someone talk about something you completely disagree with but it's better than speaking up and starting a fight, right? I don't even know if remaining silent and nodding is a good thing? WHAT ARE YOU MEANT TO DO? Are you meant to speak up, start a fight knowing that they won't even end up agreeing with you? PEOPLE WHO LACK MATURITY ARE A PAIN IN THE BUTT.

Speaking of which... I think I've changed... a little. I DO NOT OVERREACT AS MUCH SO GO ME! This in turn has allowed me to realise how much of an annoying bitch I was. Some of our problems are so freaking miniscule yet we find a way to blow it completely out of proportion. We all have our own miniscule problems we can go ape shit over so I don't need people dumping their stupid problems on me. If you're thinking I would make a bad psychiatrist, I probably would... if I were in a bad mood. With life comes shit so bloody deal with it. YEAH, THAT IS AN ORIGINAL QUOTE. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I am quite proud of that one.

SOMETIMES I THINK WAAAAAYYYY TOO MUCH AND SOMETIMES I DON'T THINK AT ALL BEFORE ACTING. Like, today... this girl dropped her pencil case as she was putting her bag into the back of her car so she picked up her stuff and got into the front seat. I saw her ruler on the ground and I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. SHOULD I GET UP AND KNOCK ON HER WINDOW? WILL I BE SEEN AS A SAVIOUR OR A WEIRDO? As I was thinking, her car drove away and I realised I should have picked up her ruler. WHAT IF THAT RULER WAS OF GREAT SIGNIFICANCE TO HER? Oh man. On the other hand, I realised being an ice cold bitch is not very nice at all and I feel bad.

Things I have to do for the rest of today:
- finish off peak hw
- finish circle geo sheets
- ss booklet

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