I have bitch face syndrome.

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February 5, 2012 // 10:29 PM
To get something you never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.

I LOVE SONGS THAT REMIND ME OF PEOPLE. A lot of songs remind me of people but that does not necessarily mean that the lyrics apply to them. HAHAHA. JEEBUS

I HAD AN EPIPHANY AT 2AM YESTERDAY MORNING. IT WAS AWESOME. IT'S NICE KNOWING WHAT YOU WANT. Now, I just need to go get it and if i don't, I'm gonna bloody slap somebody. LOL. I kinda like it when people don't believe in me. It just gives me a chance to prove them wrong. When I do, I will put two fingers up in the air and say 'This is for not believing in me.' HOLLLAHHHH.


It's so sad how we learn to appreciate things as we're just about to lose them... I.E. SCHOOL. I AM REALLY EXCITED FOR SWIMMING CARNIVAL BECAUSE VIVIAN AND I ARE GONNA BE A COUPLE. HAHAHAHA. It truly is genius. Okay, not really. I told Anne that I'd come as french fries as that would be enforcing obesity but sadly, Vivian wasn't so excited to come as a vegetable. Some people just don't understand.

I'd love to have a person where I could just randomly stare at and say 'aw, I like you', just like Anne does to me. I'd also love someone who would understand and think is cute when I come to school as human sized french fries... PEOPLE JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND. UNDERSTANDING IS VERY IMPORTANT IN ANY RELATIONSHIP. Only if you were a complex soul like me then you'd get it.

It's quite sad when your imaginary boyfriend decides to cheat on you. You happens to be me. HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHA. Heartbroken. It's okay. I still have chicken boy.

AG WAS SO FUNNY. HAHAHAHA. MR SCHIPPERS IS THE BEST!!! Funky clams... HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh man. Good timez. That is something to add to my list.

I went to the library and fell asleep for the first time ever! NO, I DIDN'T TURN MY HEAD TO THE SIDE LIKE A NORMAL PERSON... BUT RATHER, I WAS SLEEPING FLAT ON MY FACE... WITH MY GLASSES ON. OMFGGGGGGGGGGG. It was quite painful when I woke up but other than that, it was a relatively productive library session! I remember when I fell asleep at school... IT WAS SO EXCITING. IDK WHY!! LOL.

It's nice knowing that someone you love, loves you as much as you love them. :}