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March 28, 2012 // 5:42 PM
I don't want this enough.

I have done more than half of my exams! Wooohooo! How many breakdowns have I had this week? TWO. I swear I wouldn't cry after an exam... AND I HAVE FULFILLED THAT PROMISE because I cried before the exam even studied. It's funny because people cry when they've studied but think they haven't studied enough. For me, I didn't study at all and I had the sad realisation I wasn't going to do very well as well as... ALL MY UNITS COUNT. OH MY LORD.

I know I shouldn't be blogging but I was hoping to get the creative juices flowing since I have been stuck since 12 on this stupid story. I'm sorry I have superficial ideas. I'M JUST SO SORRY. I hate it when I think I've come up with pure genius to later realise that it was merely extracted from a movie. LMAO. WELCOME TO MY SAD LIFE!

I don't want to wait to get my exams marks back. :( Like, after exams I'll be super happy then it'll be holidays then I'll be even happier... WHEN WE COME BACK TO SCHOOL, KABAM!!!!! SHIT RESULTS EVERYWHERE. TEARS EVERYWHERE. Maybe this time I will learn from my mistakes.

I love it when I wrote over the lines during exams cos I feel like an overachiever but apparently were not meant to do that so... UH OH. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I swear... I'm gonna get like 1/4 for those questions. I remember in class, I wrote over the lines as well and most of my information was completely irrelevant so i legit got 1/5. HAHAHAHAHA. ALSO, I HATE WALKING OUT OF THE EXAM FEELING ALL CONFIDENT BUT THEN WHEN I GO DISCUSS THE ANSWERS WITH EVERYONE, I REALISE I SCREWED UP. BLOODY HELL. LOL

What I've realised is panicking is such a waste of time but I simply can't help it. :( I think I was quite relaxed during the physics exam... but apparently some people were even more relaxed as I witnessed some jus chillin and even sleeping around half an hour before the exam ended. Was this person for real? REALLY? LOL.

I always fall into the trap of going to the library to study. ALWAYS. THE LIBRARY IS EVIL. YOU WILL NOT DO ANY WORK UNLESS IT'S MATHS... EVEN SO, YOU WILL DO LITTLE WORK. I think that being at home is quite distracting but Cabramatta is a place full of opportunities... to procrastinate.

Initially, I planned to have a celebration after exams but I really am questioning if I should do that now. I DON'T DESERVE TO. You know how people always say... I'M GONNA WORK REAL HARD DURING THE HOLIDAYS AND NEVER END UP DOING IT? Well, I'm gonna try and work hard... IT'S BETTER TO START WORK IN THE FIRST WEEK OTHERWISE YOU'LL BE STUCK CHILLING ALL HOLIDAYS. HAHAHAHA. I think we should all maintain this pressure to study after exams but there is a great chance that this won't happen and we'll be overcome by regrets later on.

Have I done anything besides procrastinated and attempted to study? Nope.

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