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March 2, 2012 // 8:27 PM
Lone wolves unite.

Twas a good day today! I feel like these past few days have been very eventful. HAHAHAHA.

My back is quite tanned but I don't understand why as being a conservative young lady means covering up. HOW DOES THIS WORK? Man, I love backs. HAHAHA... so, of course I'd want a backless dress for formal. Sadly, my boobs are too small to pull that shit off. Wah. :( Shivani and I were looking at formal dresses during english today. I know you hate Sherri Hill but we were browsing on the Sherri Hill site and all the dresses look the same. WHAT DEW!!!! It is kind of hard to be original, honestly. LOL. :(

Aw, I like my physics teachers. I just really don't like them when they pick on me. They tend to catch me at the wrong i.e. I am half asleep or don't know the answer so I am humiliated. OH PLS, WATCH ME TOP THE NEXT ASSESSMENT. AHAHHAAHA, jk. Pls don't.

I swear I've talked about this before. I have extremely shit memory. Well, short term memory. It has shown at tutor since our tutor forces us to memorise sentences and shit so we improve the way we construct sentences. LOL. I REMEMBER 5 WORDS MAXIMUM. I have issues. I really like tutoring now since it's only hahs people, excluding Lisa. :(

I AM A COMPLEX SOUL AND NOTHING CAN CHANGE THAT... or I like to think that I am. HAHAHAHAHA. I want a complex soul. Complex souls need another complex soul so they can ponder about life together. Otherwise, if you choose a simple minded shepherd, you are going to be bored for much of your time together. Correct? CORRECT.

Anne would make the best boyfriend. Such soft hair, such soft skin, such a complex soul. My dear Anne, my sweet Anne... if you were a boy, we'd be inseperable and coupled like Juno's swans. HAHAHAHAHHAHA. Man, I am so funny. Sometimes I can't control myself. Anyway, we should chill out more often.

See how I've employed repetition and intertexuality to emphasise the point I was making? HAHAHAHA. I am going to annoy everyone and relate everything to belonging. LOL. I actually don't mind belonging. The idea is quite fun to talk about, despite the fact I can't seem to come up with a thesis for my essay. Though, it don't matter in Cabramatta!!!

I love library sessions with Julia. Ah, they are seriously the best and I have no idea what's going to happen when school is over.

It sucks seeing little kids that I know will be good looking some day. WHY MUST YOU BE 6 YEARS YOUNGER THAN ME? WHY MUST I LEAVE SCHOOL SO SOON? WHY MUST I BE UNABLE TO MONITOR YOUR PROGRESS? HAHAHAHAHAHA... speaking of which, Adam likes Octonauts!! EHEHEHKFJSHHHEEHKEJFHSKJHF... so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HERSHJFHEHEHE

I hate it when I shave my legs and I miss a spot. This time I missed a spot on my knees. So, yes. I have hairy knees.

WANNA PLAY A GUESSING GAME? I will never reveal the answers but have fun trying to figure this out:

Sorry, my writing has poor flow. This is a blog, not an essay. I am Mr Gippel. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHASHDJLAHDKJASH. STRAWBERRY TIE!!!

Happy Friday!

P.s. I apologise for my poor English.

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