I have bitch face syndrome.

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March 11, 2012 // 6:31 PM

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I remember when I woke up in the morning and admired how beautiful my stomach was before I ate. HAHAHA. I CAN'T DO THAT ANYMORE. MY STOMACH LOOKS CRAP ALL THE TIME. I USED TO LOOK TONED AND SHIT IN THE MORNING BUT THAT IS NO MORE. Thanks, HSC.

My skin is really bad right now. The other day I was all pimply and disgusting. Yes, I am still pimply and disgusting but my face is also dry??? DA FAQ?? THIS IS RIDICULOUS. THERE IS A DRY PATCH ON MY EYE AND THIS SOMEHOW MAKES ME LOOK LIKE I HAVE A MONOLID OR HALF ASLEEP. Okay, I usually look half asleep BUT one eye is more sleepier than the other. HAHAHAHAHA. THERE IS NOT ENOUGH MAKE UP IN THIS WORLD TO COVER UP SUCH A FACE.

I have a strong feeling that my speech is going to be very boring and the teachers' laughs will be very forced. I WANT THEM TO ACTUALLY LAUGH. So, I was laying in bed and thinking about what I'd say in my speech, as people commonly do. HOWEVER, I WAS THINKING BACK TO WHAT I CAME UP WITH AND IT WAS COMPLETE SHIT. How do I come up with a joke? I made a deal with Margaret that we'd have at least 250 words by tomorrow or we will be punished. :(

No one is online but that does not deter me from wasting time. AHAHAHA.

Since I am waiting for my pasta to cook, I WILL JUST TALK ABOUT THE RESULTS OF THE POLL. I am unsure of the results of the poll. HAHAHA. SINCE I HAVE BOTH A FLAT ASS AND FLAT CHEST, I WILL INFORM YOU OF THE CONS OF ALL OF THEM. Well, having a flat ass means your butt is not cushioned when you're sitting down so if you sit on someone, they will complain how bony your butt is. However, the likelihood of knocking shit over when you're trying to get to your seat at tutor is very small. I HAVE WITNESSED THIS BEFORE. A flat chest means you often will not fill your bra and you'll feel like a 12 year old boy. THOUGH, WHEN YOU'RE LAYING DOWN TO READ, your tiny tits will not get in the way. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. TIS TRUE.

So, my conclusion is... I would rather have a nice ass because that shit cannot be faked. Have you heard of a butt job? I THOUGHT NOT.

Sometimes I don't understand why people ask questions that can easily be answered by a simple search on Google. very srs here