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April 25, 2012 // 5:25 PM
I hate it when I'm wrong but even more when you're right.


School started yesterday and to my surprise, it really wasn't that bad... even if it involved waking up at 7. Luckily, I wasn't bombarded with exam marks. Doomsday is tomorrow. I only got economics back and I've noticed that if you have extremely, extremely low expectations, you won't be disappointed. I think economics is the subject you surprise yourself with because since last year, I expect to do REALLLLLLLLYYY shit but there is always a sigh of relief and a lot of celebration. HAHAHAHAHA. People cry about their 80%, I throw myself a party for 70%. Okay, I know this is bad but please, let me have my moment. 

Mr Rawson is on holiday!?!!?!!?!!?! This is why we didn't get our marks back. I didn't want them anyway cos I didn't want my good day to be ruined. I quite like Mr Rawson. I've had a change of heart ever since he wrote on my task 1 paper 'keep on going!' where I was halfway done with an answer. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. So, during that math lesson we didn't do any work and spontaneously decided we would go to noggi on wednesday. As excited as I was, I am not going. It's too cold and I don't think my doctor would be too impressed with me eating dat bad stuff.

I woke up at 11 this morning to the warmth of my bed. I didn't want to leave so I decided to make a well thought playlist for the car ride! I decided to be a troll and add a few metal songs in there so when it's on shuffle, they will be played at maximum volume and everyone will scream. HAHAHAHAHA. Ah, I had it all planned. :( Oh well.

OH YES. I PAINTED MY NAILS YESTERDAY AND I AM SO EXCITED TO GO TO SCHOOL TOMORROW TO SHOW THEM OFF... hiding them around Keagan, of course. YAYAYAYAYAY!!! Oh shit, gotta pay Ashley... and for formal... and Margaret... and Liza. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. P.s. don't lend large amounts of money to me if you want it back straight away and don't want to constantly remind me about it. LOL

ANYWAAAAYYY, my nails look awesome, alternating between lavender and mint. OMFG, MY TOES ARE SO COOL. I painted them orange but they kinda looked like shit indoors. WHEN I WENT TO THE CORNER SHOP, I LOOKED DOWN AT MY FEET AND OMFGFDGDGFDJGJKGDKJHGFDJKGHFD, that is when my toes truly looked like highlighters on fire. HOLY SHIT. mind blowin

I am stuck in a sticky situation and I don't know how to escape. WHAT HAVE I DONE. IT'S NOT MY FAULT. PEOPLE CHANGE. YOU DON'T KNOW ME AT ALL. OMFG. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Try and analyse this, ya shit.

As high pitched my voice is, I sometimes think I sound like a bogan... like yesterday when I kept saying ahhhhh shit. HAHAHAHA. So sorray. Can't change who I truly am, ya know. OH YES, and as we were flipping through magazines, I realised I am not gonna find a formal dress I'll be happy with. My mum said Asian tailors can't be trusted and it'd end up looking like shit. So I asked her, who's good then? She said white people... BUT THEY'RE TOO EXPENSIVE. That means I am just gonna buy a dress in store. She legitimately said it's not what you wear that makes you beautiful but what's in your heart. ABADSHDABSAHDBSAHDAHDHSAHDSHDSASDHSASHDBHAS. FNDSJKFSDKJF LOOOOOOOOOOL. oh mum, u funny

I love "thinking about you". (I didn't put quotation marks before and realised it sounded completely different to what I meant. HAHAHAHAHA) I love it so much that I sing it in the shower. I think it's one of those songs you never get sick of, just like we belong together. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. OMG. WHEN THAT GIRL STARTED SINGING HERO, I BEGAN TO SMILE AND THOUGHT OF JULIA. BBY, DIS OUR SONG. Okay, it's not our song... but please, mariah always brings a smile to my face. It really made the ceremony more enjoyable for me. LEST WE FORGET.

I really don't like cold weather. I don't mind hot weather anymore. I think it's quite nice. IT'S SUCH A PAIN IN THE ASS TO WEAR JEANS. YOU HAVE TO DO THAT LITTLE DANCE TO GET INTO THEM. BLARDY. Anne is right. As much as I love jeans, I only wear jeans when I need to impress somebody. HAHAHAHA. TOO MUCH WORK. Now the weather forces me to wear them constantly. Also, these jumpers are so stupid... as expensive as they are, when the wind blows they do not protect me from the bloody cold. DAMN YOU.

I hate people who think I can't make decisions for myself. Leave me alone.

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