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May 18, 2012 // 7:06 PM
The only nightmare is waking up.

I think I should be crowned queen of procrastination. I stayed home from school today and I regret it. I actually do like school. I really do. Now, with only 300 words and an empty stomach, I have to catch up on work I missed out on today and do 2 essays. Shit, English is so soon. I swear I will finish reading by tomorrow night. AHHHHHHHH. I swear I have the most breakdowns out of everyone I know. HAHAHAHAHAHA. How embarrassing.

Only my friends are allowed to joke about how dumb I am. ONLY MY FRIENDS. BITCH, YOU ARE NOT MY FRIEND NOR WILL YOU EVER BE. I officially do not like you.

I found new songs by Frank Ocean that I've never heard before. This is seriously the best feeling. LOL. Oh my god. I love him. I really, really do. If he came to Australia, oh my lordy lord. This is just like back in my Jay Park days. I wished he was in love with me because then all his beautiful songs would be about me. WHO WOULDN'T WANT TO HAVE SONGS WRITTEN ABOUT THEM BY A LYRICAL GENIUS!!!! I guess I could always pretend like Tracey. Nah, that's weird. BAHAHDSHAHHSDKAJSDHASHA.

This is a common question that comes up in conversation for some reason, 'do you see yourself marrying a white guy?' QUESTION IS, DO YOU SEE YOURSELF GETTING MARRIED AT   ALL? HAHAHAHA. Anyway, I honestly don't. Grace said all this shit about our asian blood being diminished as it is most likely the child will end up with another white person. AS WEIRD AS IT IS, IT'S SO TRUE. MINORITIES FTW!!!! 

For someone who apparently doesn't care, I care way too much. Pshh, some people just don't understand the rules of feminism. THEY JUST DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who wants to be around an annoying, pms bitch? This is why most people don't see this side of me.   Only certain people can handle this. HAHAHA. Aw, I was telling Julia about how I don't really like my personality and how I'm not funny anymore (NOT MANY PEOPLE HAVE BEEN LAUGHING AT MY JOKES LATELY, ALRIGHT?). Then she told me that she I wasn't her closest friend just because I'm funny. NGAW!!!!!!! MY HEART WAS WARMED! MY HEART MELTED, LIKE WHEN WAITER AKA MARGARET'S BOYFRIEND SMILED. Anyway, you have to be likeable in order for people to like you and this would involve having to be all funny and shit all the time. CORRECT? CORRECTO MUNDO.

I just had a phone call with Anne!!! DESPITE BEING A SHORT PHONE CALL, DOES THIS MEAN THAT WE'RE CLOSE NOW? YAY!!! I would not be surprised if people thought we were lesbians. For some strange reason, I have the urge to act like a fag around her.

Is it weird to need to talk to someone everyday? IS IT? Please answer. 

I was just thinking, if your friend puts their photo album on public and they tag you in it but you make photos of yourself private to strangers, will those strangers be able to see it if they're going through your friend's photo album?! WILL THEY?????

All nighter today? Yes.

I TOTALLY FORGOT TO MENTION. I have a really, really bad reputation now. Mr Robson thinks I'm a horrible person. HAHAHA. LET ME JUST LIST THE MOMENTS.

  1. He caught Julia punching me in class. He asked her what she was doing and she said that I told her to do it because I was sleepy. Then he said OH, if you're so sleepy, you can stand up the whole of next lesson. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. :'( I was actually half asleep, thank you very much.
  2. I didn't do my homework so I had to pledge to Mr Coombes and Mr Robson that I'd always do my homework to the best of my ability from then on. LOL. P.s. I broke that pledge but they kinda let me off. HAHAHA.
  3. Vanessa was being stupid as always so of course I'd say 'SCREW YOU, BITCH' right at the moment Mr Robson walks past us. He stopped in his tracks and turned to me. 'WHAT DID YOU SAY, CHRISTIE?' Then I just hid my face in embarrassment. Everyone laughed but I have such a bad reputation now!!! LOLOL. Luckily he said, 'well, the most important thing is did she deserve it?' I TELL THE TRUTH SO I SAID. HE LAUGHED AND WALKED OFF. Hopefully he thinks I'm just a ray of sunshine.
  4. Okay, he doesn't think I'm a ray of sunshine. After the prac we had yesterday, he said something to me (SORRY, I FORGOT) and so I looked to him with my face all like WHATEVZ, the usual. Dude, I have become accustomed to my default face. I CAN'T HELP THAT I LOOK MEAN. HAHAHAHA. THEN HE SAID I GIVE THE MOST DIRTY LOOKS. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA. NOOOOOOOOOOO. ASAHHSDASDAHSAJHSADHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA.
I am the number one physics student. NUMBER ONE I TELLS YA!!!!!!!!!!!!

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