I have bitch face syndrome.

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July 18, 2012 // 12:17 AM
ayo like mayo but ayo

Oh hi. I THINK I AM GONNA BLOG FOR TEN MINUTES EVERY DAY RIGHT BEFORE BED. I apologise if my posts seems weird but it is only because I am limiting myself to ten minutes so... APOLOGIES, ONCE AGAIN! Trials. Economocs is on the same day as english... some people seem quite pleased with their timetables but yknow what? I am simply not good enough of a person to be happy for you. COME ON, MR GIPPEL. Out of all days... really? I was half asleep for most of the day. Pizza is too oily. Library is too noisy. I love my bed. I like to lay in other people's beds because they are always softer than mine since I sleep on a pile of bricks. HAHAHA. APPARENTLY THIS BED IS MEANT TO BE GOOD FOR MY BACK???? IDK. I KNOW I SAID SCHOOL CAN KISS MY ASS BUT IT IS GOING TO END IN 10 WEEKS. WE HAVE THREE WEEKS TILL TRIALS AND THEY GO FOR 3 WEEKS SO WE HAVE AROUND 4-5 WEEKS LEFT TO SAVOUR IT. Formal is soon. I give up on finding a dress. As long as I look tall and my face is decent, all shall be swell. I should get my eyebrows waxed. HAHAHAHAHA. People are so weird. There are so many fish in the sea. WHY MUST YOU TEST OUT THOSE WATERS? I simply don't understand. I hate maths. No matter how hard I try, I seem to always mess it up. I cbf for ag but I have to. HOLY SHIT. TUTORING ENDS IN THREE WEEKS. I ONLY HAVE TWO LESSONS OF MATHS LEFT THEN JUDITH WILL NEVER TALK TO ME AGAIN. For the past few weeks I offered to write her name on her homework but last week she got her work back and there was a comment under her name saying 'You don't know how to spell your own name?' HHAHHAHHHAHAHAHAAHA JUDITH LU WITH A DOUBLE U. HAHAHAHHAHHAHHAHAHAHHHHAHAHAHHAHA OK. GETTIN MY SELF PITYIN ASS TO WORK. LOL JK BYE