I have bitch face syndrome.

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July 21, 2012 // 1:10 AM

I am the self esteem booster. People probably like reading my blog because it is a means of reassurance as I have time to blog instead of studying. HAHAHAHA. HOPE YOU ARE ALL HAPPY. I am currently in bed. I have two blankets and one always ends up on the floor but thankfully, Lisa told me to tuck them in so they don't move. GENIUS?!? Random but I think I've found my formal dress! I SAID THIS LAST TIME, TRIED IT ON AND ENDED UP LOOKING LIKE A HEIFER. AHAHAHAHAHA. BUT SERIOUSLY.. IT IS... AH. The model in the picture inspired me. I WANT TO LOOK LIKE POCAHONTAS. AHAHAHA. I won't look like a princess but rather a tribal queen. LOOOOL. I FOUND BLACK COATED PANTS!!!!!! YAYYYY. I want to go shopping. I want to eat. I AM SO TIRED ALL THE TIME. I am quite paranoid. I sometimes feel people are staring at me... BUT WHEN IT ACTUALLY HAPPENS, I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO REACT. Segway. REMEMBER WHEN THE SCHOOL FLOODED AND ANNE, JULIA, MARY AND I ALL HAD A CRY TOGETHER AT THE LIBRARY? :') Good times. GOT PHYSICS BACK TODAY AND I AM STUPID. WHAT STUPID PERSON DRAWS A TABLE WITHOUT A RULER? Yep. Me. Who doesn't get to support their grade at talent quest? YEAR 12. :(That date is terrible. At least be considerate and do it after trials. :( Do I complain a lot? I was quite offended when Michelle told me I was annoying I'm twitter. I thimk I'm hilarious. You know what's funny? Getting annoyed at someone who I dislike. Why do I do that? It is such a waste of time obsessing over their extensive amount of things about them that annoy me. Well, I deem this the day I begin to properly practice tolerance. LOL. I LOVE FRANK OCEAN!!! LIBRARY CREW IS THE BEST! I SWEAR I HAVE ADDED SO MANY YEARS TO MY LIFE DUE TO THE SHITLOUD OF LAUGHING I WAS INVOLVED IN ON WEDNESDAY. AHAHAHAHA. The gay boiz are so gay and funny. We are not homophobic. We have gay friends, Joseph and Wilson. The paragraphing is extra weird today. APOLOGIES. Ψ( ̄∀ ̄)Ψ ( ̄o ̄)z Z