I have bitch face syndrome.

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July 17, 2012 // 12:37 AM
U sux

I can blog from my phone?! HOW COOL IS THIS? Okay, not really. Well, school is today and I can proudly announce that it can kiss my ass. I AM SO TIRED OF SCHOOL. LET ME JUST BE A CAREFREE ANGEL AND DO WHATEVER I BLOODY WANT TO. Imagine life without tutor. HOW WEIRD WOULD THAT BE? We don't have to imagine in a few more months!!!! WASSSUP! To be honest, I wasn't that bummed when Frank Ocean wasn't on the BDO lineup because I want to go on holiday. I WANT TO DO SOME ADVENTUROUS SHIT LIKE WALK THROUGH A RAINFOREST. AHAHAHAHAHA. I like Childish Gambino though!!!! I cannot look at Troy the same way again. Donald Glover is a horndog that is very good at rapping. HAHAHAHA. I have not tweeted for over a week. I am a strong young woman. I wish I was hip and cool. I really like The Internet and elevator music. Today is the day where shit gets serious. Rice, so very nice. What have I done? Wilson has had girls in his bed. Oooooh. Noggi disappointed me. I love puppies but I am scared of pure bred dogs because of that video we watched in ag. :( No need to be mean. Ice cold, baby. Ice cold. Hollah at a playah. My body is kinda aching right now. Is it a sign I should go to sleep? Possibly.