I have bitch face syndrome.

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August 15, 2012 // 12:06 AM
Can't stop, won't stop.

Trials are over. You'd expect me to be overwhelmed by a surge of joy... but you are so wrong. You'd expect the guilt to go away, leaving me to celebrate its departure... but you are ever so wrong. This underlying guilt is not going away. After these trials, it will never go away until I actually do my HSC exams. I did bad... really bad. This is not me being a drama queen. This is not me exagerrating. Rather, it is me admitting to the truth. Well, all I can do now is look to the future and not look back. Shit.

Anyway, I downloaded Justin Bieber's album, 'Believe'. To my surprise, it's actually pretty good so I suggest ya'll stop what you are doing to go do the same. HAHAHA.

I painted my nails pink. I finally can listen to my iPod again.

Maybe I'll take a bath tomorrow.

I should sleep. Generally, 2.5 hours of sleep isn't sufficient for a growing woman such as I. YEAH, I'M A WOMAN NOW!!!!!!! PEWPEWPEW!!!! Goodnight.