I have bitch face syndrome.

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August 20, 2012 // 2:22 AM
Must not give up.

Yulllloooo. It is currently 1:51am. What am I doing up so late? Well, this has got to do with my bad habit of napping in the afternoon. I still don't understand why I do it. After coming home from the library today, which might I add is unbelievably quiet in Sundays, I just ran to my bed, remained in starfish formation for an hour then fell asleep. I am getting old.

Speaking of which, I really need to sign up to vote. OTHERWISE, I WILL GET FINED. OH NUUUUU.

It is better to realise how shit people are sooner than later. Don't give people second chances if they constantly make the same mistakes. THEY WILL NOT CHANGE, WHICH IS REFLECTIVE IN THEIR RECURRING MISTAKES. LISTEN TO 18 YEAR OLD CHRISTIE FOR I AM CORRECT. I think I already know who I am going to still be friends with after school finishes. Friendships are based on the amount of effort BOTH people put in. Friendships only end when someone stops trying.

Lately, I've been feeling very pessimistic. It is hard not to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others. I have been yet again caught in this recurring cycle involving feelings of hopelessness and inadequacy. This stress has just piled up. I can only take so much before I explode again. I expect to detonate today when we are bombarded with results. I expect failure. Actual falure. Though, there is a tiny sliver of hope that I won't fail. This sliver of hope will probably be the reason why I end up a pathetic mess. Sadly, i have no one to blame but myself which is probably why i am so sad. Expect nothing and disappointment will never find you. Expectations suck in that sense but then again, we need them so we have something to aim for, right? We can't just walk through life aimlessly. RIGHT? I don't even know anymore.

I really like cake. Mm... I think I need to follow that skincare regime devised by my doctor. :( I was looking through photos and my skin - face, chest and back - were so clear. WHAT HAPPENED? THE HSC HAPPENED.

I am completely disconnected from any social networking now. :( I guess I can focus on more important things now... Thanks, Wilson.

I FOUND THE ACTRESS OF TAYLOR FRY'S BLOG. Her name is Marny Kennedy. She has aged beautifully, may I say. AHAHAHA. You should check out her blog. She writes so beautifully. *_* Also, I want to volunteer overseas!!! I HOPE JULIA IS STILL UP FOR IT.

I should sleep before I am unable to control my thoughts again.