I have bitch face syndrome.

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September 26, 2012 // 2:13 AM
Do not give a damn, my friend.

I am currently in bed... and I was in dire need of an uplifting song so decide to listen to 1000 miles. Though it is not reflective of my mood, you make do with what you've got. Lately I've been finding myself thinking 'oh shit, what am I doing with my life?!' With many of the year 12s getting their umat results and thinking 'oh fuck, I can't do med', they have truly reached a turning point in their lives. Though some of us can't relate, what applies to all of us is we really do not know what we are getting into. Our thirteen years of schooling have not prepared us well enough for this. I may be considered an adult legally but that doesn't really help in making such big decisions. Shit, after witnessing thomson going crazy whilst intoxicated I couldn't help but think 'SHIT YEAH, LEMME JOIN YA'. I, CHRISTIE DUONG, AM NOT READY FOR RESPONSIBILITY. I had an insightful discussion with Andy today involving the typical idea that uni is the time to find yourself a partner. With careful deliberation, I have come to realise that such an assumption or idea is a lie. Well, for me personally. I don't really like socialising with strangers (hence my lack of friends). Not sure if it's my fear of rejection or if I'm just happy with the friends I have currently. Well, I don't think I'll still be friends with everyone. It is true. I was wrong, Wilson. People just drift. Nothing happens. The distance can get too much and both people just give up. The friendship isn't worth the effort anymore. Quite sad, really. Maybe this friendship is not worth salvaging. I think if you ever have a doubt in your mind, you should often trust it. Idk wtf I'm saying but yknow. Though, I am glad I was able to talk to some people I usually wouldn't at nick's after party. Twas a jolly good time. BAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHA. Yeah. Still listening to 1000 miles while reflecting on life. AHAHAHA. I guess... I should study properly today. Apparently every make in life is not a mistake but rather a lesson so I'll just take that person's word for it. I don't know how I'm feeling. I don't know why I'm not tired. My body is tired but my mind is awake. Some wise person once said that never accept being an option. That wise person is so right. LOLOL. Don't make someone who doesn't make an effort for you, I guess. I don't know but some people can come off as fake but maybe I don't know them well enough for them to show their true selves. Dunno, dunno, dunno. It is sad how I need other people to boost myself esteem. Though, it doesn't last very long. It:s hard being content with yourself because you always wish to be better, smarter, prettier and shit like that. I don't know. I'm rambling. My mind is a mess. Totally ready to study now... loooollll. Good riddance. Farewell. Au revoir, mofo. Cbf with spacing. Screw you. Suck a dick. MUDDAAA PUCKAAHHHZZZZZZZZ.