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September 25, 2012 // 11:33 PM
Thanks for nothing.

I never expected it to end this way... especially being together for 6 years. I thought it'd be till death do us part but I was so wrong. I guess that's life, huh? My love for you is indescribable.  The pain has yet to strike me... but once it does, it will hurt. The pain will be immense. You will not be forgotten... nor will any other be able to fill your place. I will try and appreciate the times we've had... instead of grieving. I'd wish to say that you're in a better place... I'm probably wrong. I'm hoping you're in one of my pockets or just at the bottom of the clothes basket... but one can only hope. I LOVE YOU. I HOPE I AM JUST OVERREACTING AND YOU FIND ME SOON.

Dude, seriously... I don't know where my iPod is. I remember when I thought my iPod was dead and it revived again after a year. Dat shit resurrected to return to me. HOLLLAAAHHH... hopefully, I hope to reunite once again. Hope... no certainty in that, eh?

Anyway, school finally finished but it doesn't feel like the end. I don't know... but it doesn't really matter as long as we stay friends with the right people, right? Yes, right. HSC doesn't feel close either... I KNOW IT'S THE TIME TO CHANGE THINGS BUT BEING ACCUSTOMED TO STUDYING THE NIGHT BEFORE EXAMS FORCES ME TO FEEL TOO RELAXED.


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