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September 6, 2012 // 12:58 AM

It's shit realising what you want after it's too late. The worst thing any HSC student could do is leave school with regrets, wishing you'd tried harder. I think I'll end up as one of those people. I know I'll end up as those people. It's a waste of time looking to the past but you can't help and wonder about all the possibilities. What if I did this? What if I did that? Understanding your own potential and not maximising it is truly the worst. Just... the worst. Fuck. It sucks realising the importance of all this... right at the end of it... You know what? It's not the end yet. Guys, we can still do it. There's really no point in feeling regret towards the past. WE CAN ONLY LEARN FROM OUR MISTAKES, TURNED TO POOR HABITS, AND KICK THE HSC IN THE BALLS. Every single day is a day closer, a day closer to the end.

While I'm feeling all pissed and shit (see what I did there hahahaahahaha)... opinions. You know what's so great about them? Opinions are not the truth and vary between everyone! There is just no right or wrong! I understand everyone has different opinions and I try to respect that. The only time I'll go a little ape shit is when you claim your opinion to be the truth. YOU ARE NOT ON A MORAL HIGH GROUND. People should also learn to be more modest. Once you claim to be a certain person, you often have to live up to that reputation... which you probably won't... so, just stop it. Please.

School is ending in 7 days... It's going by so quickly... too quickly. We need to appreciate things more while we have them. :( I know I hate waking up at 7:10 every morning but school is just like a shower. MY MUM ALWAYS TELLS ME TO GO AND INITIALLY, I DON'T WANNA. You can't avoid it though... so you just go... you go to school... you go take that shower. ONCE YOU'RE THERE, YOU NEVER WANNA LEAVE. Then the cycle repeats. :( 


Mr coombes is crippled hahahahsdskjhashhhahahahahahdshahsdhahhahaa

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