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November 1, 2012 // 1:41 PM

You know how we procrastinate... well, post hsc... if we minus the procrastination and simply leave what we're doing, that simply equates to a sad life, does it not? Internet, eat, schleep, do nothing. WHAT A LIFE, A LIFE I AM READY TO LIVE. F YA, ULTRASOUND AND MAGLEV.

Apparently strippers make around $125000 per year... alternate pathways, me thinks so. HAHAHAHAHA. Boob job - $10000... not much of a loss considering how much money you make. HAHAHAHAHA. Just kidding.

The stress isn't going to kick in till night falls... SO EXCITED TO GET TWITTER BACK AND THEN I CAN POLLUTE THE TWITTERSPHERE. 

Question of the day: What would happen if I dipped my foot into liquid nitrogen and jumped into a hot spring? Wilson says my foot will explode... WHAT DO YOU THINK

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