I have bitch face syndrome.

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March 18, 2009 // 5:25 PM

Hello, my blog sucks. It is unbelievably and undeniably boring and no one visits, how sad. I don't even have an Arabic stalker following my blog - i'm so cut. Today once again in the early time of day, scared the crap out of everyone with my awesome message tone. :) Oh yes, thank you All That Remains and Ivy for that. Everybody turned around to look at me but one. That one person must've been pretty damn awesome to be cool with it or is really scared to look at my ugly face. OH! OH! Sport sucked more than usual. I HAD TO PLAY BASKETBALL?! Like, what the hell? Me playing sports, no. Just plain horrible. To make it even worse, the stupid crazy lady on drugs of a teacher made everbody almost miss the train. She is also the one that called Paullina a 'stupid girl'. A little harsh don't you think? SHE SHOULD REALLY TELL THE DEPUTY AS VIVIAN SAYS.

Ahehe, i painted two of my fingers this really dark maroon and they turned pretty damn awesome.

Today was a pretty good day overall. Yay! 3 TIMES. :D

That is all. :)

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