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March 20, 2009 // 8:01 PM
Lets have a Gaytime.

Mm... what happened today? I completely forgot. OH! Aha, i like the Rocket Summer again. :) I had this phase where i was full obsessed with The Rocket Summer, always going 'Isn't Bryce Avary awesome?!' and 'AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! THE ROCKET SUMMER!'. So shameful. Bryce Avary does have a sensual voice though. *drool*

This morning i was so excited to do the plan i had made - Kitty was excited too, ahahaha. She sucks, my mum says she's black and to my surprise she actually is. I've never noticed till like last month after knowing her for two years. She's like an orange dark, wait, that's brown. But still, her and her orange boy suit very much which is pretty funny because she's a very unfunny person. Plain shame. Mm... why yes. I WENT TO WOOLWORTHS WITH VIVIAN AND WENT ON A SHOPPING SPREE. Well, actually all i bought was a 99c Bueno, $2.20 PUMP water and 91c Mentos. Yummy. I ONLY SPENT ... $4.12! Vivian ran for her bus when she didn't even have to, poor her - well, she does need some exercise. Ahehehe. :)

Swimming was pretty ... errr... indescribable. OH, the lifeguard shaves his legs and didn't even tell those silly little children to stop jumping into the damn pool so

indiscreetly. The lazy man teacher, i remember precisely, he did this weird, ugly worm thing out of the water - just horrible and embarrassing. Ahaha, abs.

Yeah, that's kind of all i can remember about the day. Oh yeah, i called Michelle too. She overreacts too much.

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