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April 5, 2009 // 11:05 AM
happy birthday teulstar! (for yesterday)

ROFLMAO! Teuly got a HSM skateboard. Funny, and it also came with protective gear. I wonder why? On the Latest Buzz this morning, this girl wanted to learn how to skate and she was like the most clumsiest person on this freaking EARTH! EXACTLY LIKE TEULY. SHE WANTED THIS GUY TO TEACH HER AND SHE DIDN'T EVEN GOT ON THE BOARD YET AND BROKE HIS ARM AND LEG. AHAHAHAHA! Teuly is funny when she isn't suppose to be. :)

I NEED TO GO TO GO-LO. I need to buy canvases and paint. Be quiet,i'm cheap. I wanna work in Go-Lo someday. It'd be pretty cool. 8-) I'D GET DISCOUNTS! AHARHARHARRR!

Daylights savings started this morning! I CAN SLEEP LATER AND WAKE UP .. LATER! YEAHHHHH! :)

I have realised many people say 'lol' and don't even laugh, it counts for me too. Hmm.. is it because were laughing on the inside? Or have we just run out of things to say? Well, there's always.. rofl, roflmao, roflcopter and NOOB. Hmmm... let me think!

OH MY GAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWDDDDD! OH CRAP! I have a history test tomorrow! Argh... i hate history. Well, i don't hate it, just really dislike it. HATE IS A REALLY STRONG WORD.


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