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March 29, 2009 // 7:37 PM
You -- with the smile that kills.

Today hasn't been the greatest day ever nor has it been the worst but it's been only okay, unlike my usual 'today is a wonderful day' jibber jabber. HEY! JIBBER JABBER IS THIS AWESOME SHOW ON ABC! YOU SHOULD REALLY WATCH IT! :D

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Myabe because i found out Christofer is noob, he lost his virginity to a slut, how sad is that? Awww, poor boy! He's still awesome though! DEMAND HIM PEOPLE, YOU KNOW YOU LOVE HIM! Well, except for Michelle who thinks he has no balls - rofl. Typical Michelle.

On the topic of Michelle.. DAMN YOU MICHELLE! HOW COULD YOU?! FREE TEXT VIRGIN TO VIRGIN YOU SAY?! I text like a mad woman, probably 4 pages per text message, later to find out it's only free for a standard text! DIDN'T TELL ME THAT DID YOU?! DID YOU?! Now I have to pay $36.85! My parents won't be happy. Thanks Michelle, thank you heaps.

I was blowing heaps of awesomely big bubbles with this Japanese gum. I ate two packets in one go. :) Sadly, i went over the top and blew a bubble so big it got to my glasses then it just went *POP*! Leaving me blind in the left eye. My parents weren't very happy, asking what the hell i was doing blowing bubbles that big, in fear i didn't respond, scared they might beat me with their imaginary stick. My daddy got the gum off my glasses after a little quarrel with my mum, ahehe. They're both so stubborn, maybe that's where i get it from. I'M LIKE THE MEGA-LY-STUBBORN CHILD THEY'D ALWAYS WANTED.

To top that off, my dad and i were planning to buy my mum this Burberry bag - $290. Guess what? When we turn up to the shop, no one was there, might go tomorrow. My mum bought this secondhand Chanel bag, i thought it was cute but when we got into the car, i started to investigate. When i opened it, it was ... just, eww. I TOLD MY MUM AND YES, IT LEADED TO ME AND MY DAD COMING TO THE DAMN SHOP TO EXCHANGE IT. No wonder why it was only $40. I got to have a Vegie Delite wrap though, it was expensive. Unlike Liverpool, Bankstown charges $4.50, Liverpool charging $3.95. Pretty sad, eh?

This is what boredom tells me to do. Boredom calls for editing, i answered boredom's call. I made this out of a few photos i took today. As you can see, the bubbles i can blow with this gum can get pretty big. I don't know why i took a picture of the toilet though...

How lovable is this bear?! :) Awwww! New website: http://carteblanchegreetings.com/metoyou/

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