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April 4, 2009 // 6:28 PM
Modest Manifesto

Oh deary me. I think i'm annoyed. :O I THINK I SHALL RANT! AHARHARHARHAR!

Grrrr! I will write in anonymous terms. OMG?! What the freaking hell?! JUST COS LIKE YOU LIKE BRANDS DOESN'T MEAN YOU CAN USE MY BRAND OF AWESOME NOOB. GOD! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. You don't know me that well too! WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO STEAL MY WORDS WOMAN! Ahehehe! ALLITERATION. :) Anyways, yeah! EVIL, EVIL WOMAN! I think i'm overreacting but yeah! WHO WOULDN'T BE ANNOYED?! HUH? YEAH, BITE ME FATTY. No you're not fat, don't hurt me please. :( ARGH! So AHARHAR to you! :O

On a more DELIGHTFUL note, LET ME TELL YOU A JOKE. AHEHEHEHE! What does weird, creamed corn, unknown music taste and pretty eyes make? YOU'LL NEVER GUESS! DON'T KNOW?! It's Dan the man. AHARRRRRRRRRRHARRRR! I AM SO DAMN FUNNY. Creamed corn? Get it? Extremely mushy? Aww, you don't get it. :(

Have i ever told you i like Kate Nash? Of course! ONLY MICHELLE READS MY STUPID BLOG. Ahahaha! She watches gay porn. ANALS. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That must turn her on, lol.

According to Michelle, my blog is very amusing. Well, ahaha. Very funny.

OMG, OMG! BUY ME, PRETTY PLEASE! ^^ In this game Mama doesn't kill any animals. :) WOO! Aww, you can make jam that you've grown. HOW AWESOME IS THAT? VERY AWESOME IN MY OPINION! :D I like jam. :)

I just only realised how funny this photo is. No one's looking at the camera, except for Sylvian and Nicholas. I wonder why. ;) Coincidence? I think not! It's fate. True lovers you see. Awww! I thought Sylvian was in love with Aaron as well. Ahehehe! Yeah, true lovers. LET ME DESCRIBE IT!
- Ms Toll looks like she's trying to pick out Aaron's lice
- Aaron is getting his lice picked out
- Jayden is trying to do something to Ms Toll o_o"
- Lauren is doing some sort of tribal dance
- Romario is being Romario, lol
- Sivieng is trying to rape Mars
- Mars is shocked
- Kelvin is touching himself
- I am picking Michelle's nose, err.. nostrils 8|
- Michelle is epicly failing at trying to pick my nose
- Aidan is delightfully watching me pick Michelle's nostrils
- Steven is trying to grab Brendon's man boobs
- Brendon's protecting himself
- Sean So is staring deeply and intimately into Gabby's eyes
- Gabby staring deeply and intimately into Sean So's huge, goldfish eyes
- Rebecca is also picking out lice, Michelle's lice
- Rae Anne is constipated
- Rafiya is watching Rae Anne being constipated
- I have no idea what Ilona's trying to do
- Patrick is posing

Oh deary me! WHO IS MISSING IN THIS PICTURE? You guessed correctly! OH MY GAWWWD! IT'S TEULY AND NABHAN! THEY WERE PROBABLY ON THEIR HONEY MOON OR IN SOME CUPBOARD OR SOMETHING?! AHAHAHAHA! Beautiful couple. A love triangle, an odd couple and the rest of the freaks, how beautiful. :)

How sad am i? I actually bothered to describe the whole photo. It was fun though. This is what a person who has no life does, blog. :D

Awww, i don't wanna revive my love for rnb but, but, i heard this song and i was like aww and yeah. BUT NO! I WILL NOT GIVE INTO ULTIMATE NOOBNESS. :D Awww, that reminds me of creamed corn. :O How cuteeee! AWWW! AWWWW! AWWWWWWW!

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